Bag gift 13 x 16 cm


Textil organza bag. Special for rice , roses .Size 13x 16 cms.


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Textil organza bag. Special for rice ,roses .Size 13x 16 cms.

Bolsita arroz

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wood fan invitation


Wooden fan size 23  x 42 cms with your invitation weddings or souvenir wedding.
You can select textil colour  : white, burgungy, navy, black,red,  or ivory.
You can select colour print.

text  or logo down or  by email

delivery time 30 days.

MOQ 50 pc

price 50 a 99  3,40 €

99 - 500   fans 2,30 €

fan 5 wedding print


Fan wedding invitation or wedding gift souvenir. 23 x 42 cms .

You can choose fabric colors: white, ivory, maroon, navy, black, red, purple.

You can choose plastic ribs color: white, black or red.
  text ,logo and colors down or by email.
MOQ 50 pc
Delivery  30 days .

minimum order 100 pcs

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