Hand fans 501


Fans 27 x 51 cms . Only assorted colours fabric.


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Fans 27 x 51 cms. Assorted colours fabric.


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Han fan 8005


wooden fan 18 cms closed.assorted 6 colours.Don´t can select colour.Price 1 han fan

handfan 101


wooden fan paint 2 faces. Size 19 ctms closed.price 1 hand fan .Select colours

Print laser fans


Print laser 1 rib. Miniun order 100 fans. The price is only the print ,fans not inclosed.

You can write the text down.

delivery time with print:15-20 days.

Order in august ,we will server in september.

Hand fan 32


Hand fan for paint or hand fan wedding gift .Fan size 27x50 cms. Pear wood polish and fabric ivory



Wood fan .Size 19 cms closed. Assorted 6 colours.

23 silk


 Wood hand fan size 23x42 fabric silk .Price 1 hand fan. 

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